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Jan. 28th, 2008



Apologies to the people on my FList... after all, you're being spammed with my mini-rant. Sorry about that.

Right... one assignment late by MY FATHER'S (not the school's) standards on my end... and I'll lose everything. Internet, computer, TV, books, everything. Sure, I'll get my air-con fixed in return, but NYARG!


Excuse me, but it has to be asked:


Jan. 13th, 2008


I'm Sorry To Say, But...

I'm panicking. I have this afternoon and tomorrow to complete my extension assignment, and as you can see... I'm bludging! *Dies* On a better note I get to visit Neechan for two weeks xDDD Yay!

... Exn 1 is HATE!!! Anyone got any good links to timelines for the development of Crime Fiction as a genre? Nope? Didn't think so.

Crapola I should know by now... I have to stop leaving these damn assignments to the last few days! Nyarg... even though I do have another three weeks to do it when I get back -.-;;

... Oh well, I'm pretty sure I'll get the assignment done anyway. So, I'm not gonna be online tomorrow or the day after or... two weeks after that. I'll be back on the 29th though... just in time for me to go to school the next day. Just fucking great lol. 

To Do:
+Report on author and story
+Pack xD

Dec. 24th, 2007


Reborn MSN RP

Due to a spur of the moment decision, I joined a MSN-based Katekyo Hitman Reborn role play... and it's so much fun xD

Much love to these people ^^

Dec. 13th, 2007


Doctors Are Weird

I went to see a doctor yesterday because I'd been having chest pains since Monday. I explained what it was, etc, etc... and he gave me something for something completely different to what I described. Gyah. I don't think he listened. -.-

Nov. 17th, 2007


Don't Go...

Don't Go...

She holds a doll in her arms and stares up at you with bright blue eyes and you wonder if you can still go through with it. Can you rob a girl of her joy? Of her innocence? As you stare her gaze grows panicked, insecure. Was there something wrong with her or is it just you? Or is it that she can't hold the act anymore, she's crumbling behind that childlike facade and you have to hold her up as her knees buckle beneath her (her tears stain your shirt) and you promise something you can't keep.
("Don't go...") Maybe it's her innocence or complete lack of direction that drew you to her or how she wanted to help you fight the negativities of your own mind. But it doesn't matter to you what drew you to her because all that mattered now was this. Her in your arms, and what she was asking.
You weren't going anywhere because it was her who would grow and eventually leave. But, despite that, you would never go, because maybe she'd stay, maybe she'd decide to spite reality and what she'd need to do and stay with you.
("Don't go..." you whisper in defeat.)

Nov. 13th, 2007


If it's all the same...

I'll stick with what I'm writing.
I'll stay the way I am.
I'll get everything done like I always do.
I'll do what I'm doing now and continue on with that.

Come on people, I'm writing a fifty-thousand word novel... so what?! Get over it! I will make time for my school work, I have lately haven't I? I'm so far behind at the moment that you're driving me insane! I just want to keep writing! I don't want to go get my glasses, I don't want to write something that will distract me from NaNo, I don't want to do any of my god damned assignments. I just want my word count up!
I guess NaNo's a dream this year... damn, that sucks so bad.

Nov. 11th, 2007



I'm such an idiot! I've done abso-fucking-lutely none of the work I said I was going to do. CRAP-BLOODY-FUCK-TASTIC! ... I might print off some Blaze photos to put in my art book and do the Act One questions I need to do for Drama. I suppose that could suffice. 

Short... non-ramble-ey entry cause I need to do stuff. Ja ne!

Just So I Know

School crap I need to do:
-Art Essay ~ 5 Artists and their lives. Picasso, Warhol, Hanson, Matisse, Lichtenstien
-English Speech ~ 1 film, 1 TV show (related texts). How they relate to Coleridge's idea of the imaginative journey
-English Extension 1 ~ Timeline, Essay, Text Review - 1 related text, create a timeline (placing related text on it), and a bit more... I have to find the sheet. (Hunt down an Agatha Christie novel)
-English Extension 2 ~ Read short stories, review short stories. Find witing styles I like... pretend I copied them for my story (which I am not doing because I refuse to copy),  add more to my first draft (give it a title!), "show not tell" BS, figure out how to vocalise my idea.
-Drama ~ Act 1 (and maybe 2) questions on Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

Great, a day of school work... crap-bloody-fuck-tatsic.

Nov. 9th, 2007


My Ears Itch

I'm finally back on track, oh yeah! If you have or have not heard, I let my irritation (*cough*jealousy*cough*) over Sarah's high word count get to me so much that my idea fizzled and died. Thankfully, Mr Gaul (who I have sorely underestimated for the past... thirty-five weeks) has given me a way out of my writer's block... he told me to let him read some of my NaNo (which I refused). So, he asked me to write another story based on my idea for Extension2. I came up with one... and then in Maths came up with another while talking to Rose about HPDH.
Thus, the block was lifted and oh my fucking god, I can write now! I'm up two-thousand and still going strong. Thank you Mr Gaul!

In other news:
Yesterday, I went to get my eyes tested. Apparently, I am extremely short-sighted (and the optometrist is surprised I didn't find out before now). My glasses (which are small and purple) are coming in on Monday and I'll have pictures for anyone who cares.
Two days ago, I took Blaze to school with me and a few students were basically in awe of him (one of my sister's friends wants a BJD of his own now). I took some photos of him around the library, though most are crap because I can never hold a camera steady. If anyone wants a look their on my MySpace (you'll have to add me as a friend first though, sorry :P (be sure to PM me where you're from though, kay?))
I also have new blinds... they're funky.

As for why my ears itch: I have very weird earphones on and they suddenly decided to make my ears itchy. They're kind of irritating, actually.

Nov. 4th, 2007


Distractions Upon Distraction

I love my parents, but do they know how hard they've made it to complete NaNo now?! Blaze (my BJD) arrived on Friday, and my sister and I recieved a PlayStation 3 and two hell good games yesterday. Oh my fucking god, I love my parents! XD

BUT, now I can't think of anything except Blaze and Folklore (PS3 game). Gyah! 
I can't even think of anything right now either. But, I'm adamant that Sarah will not beat me! Competition helps me along =3

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